Pneumatic Rivet Nut Tool ; CCP-30M

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    Industry level , Taiwan Manufacture


    • Pneumatic Rivet Nut Tool:Air Hydraulic Spin-pull Rivet Nut Tools

    Key Features

    Pneumatic Rivet Nut Tool
    Model: CCP-30M

    This CCP-30 Pneumatic Hydraulic rivet nut tool is over 6000lbs traction power. Its capacity M3 - M8 in all is size nuts materials applies to ship assembly, automobile assembly, aircraft assembly, construction industry, work shop, machine tools, farm equipment and many other varied industries. 
    Touch trigger the fastener quickly spins on, pulls the fastener nut, and with the release button, spins out of the fastener to avoid damage to the nut tooth pattern.
    Lightweight and durable design, tool handles and the bottom rubber pad to reduce vibration.
    Can use the standard M4 ~ M12 rivet nut all materials.


    Country of Origin: Taiwan

      Tie-rod sizes: M4, M5, M6, M8, M10, M12

      Stroke: 7 mm (0.276 inch)

      Working Air Pressure: 85 ~ 95 PSI (5.9 – 6.68 kg/cm2)      

      Pull Force (85 psi): 2724 kg (6000 lbs)

      Tool Weight: 2.3 kg

      Height: 305 mm

      Length of Placing Head: 278.1 mm

      Base Diameter: 92.5 mm

      Safety/Quality Approvals: ISO9001; CE

      Sales Method: Export, Manufacture, OEM/ODM

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